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Happy Anniversary!

Do you know what happened one year ago today? Well, lots of things, actually…

  • A major storm near Hot Springs, AR, dropped baseball-sized hail while tornadoes raged nearby. (Yikes!)
  • The first legal gay marriages in Washington, DC, were performed.
  • Teen idol Corey Haim, best known for his role as Sam Emerson in The Lost Boys, died of an accidental overdose.

But perhaps most importantly…

That’s right — I started sharing math jokes, random thoughts, and senseless drivel on this blog exactly 365 days ago. To those of you who read the MJ4MF blog regularly, comment occasionally, and forward links to your friends and colleagues, I want to say one thing:

Gee, you sure have a penchant for wasting time. 

But seriously, I’d like to say Thank You. When I started, I wasn’t sure I had enough material to last a year. But given the number of subscribers and all the positive comments I’ve received, I plan to keep doing this for as long as I can. I’ve really enjoyed the past year, and I hope that I can keep you entertained.

Some trivia:

  • The most popular post during the past year was Smart Quarterbacks, the Super Bowl, and SAT Scores.
  • The blog received 14,432 views during its first year, and February 6 was its busiest day.
  • The growth in traffic can be approximated by the funtion y = 33x2 – 143x + 312, where y is the number of pageviews during the xth month since inception.
  • If you drank one low-calorie beer every night since the first post on MJ4MF, that would be one lite year.

And finally…

I said to my friend, “Did you know that only 57% of people are able to understand the mathematical content contained on the MJ4MF blog?” His response:

I belong to the other 33%.

Oish. Happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary

March 10, 2011 at 6:44 am 2 comments

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