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The Price Is Right

It’s been said that if you have to ask the price of items appearing on a menu without any prices, then chances are you can’t afford to eat at that restaurant.

Million Dollar Bill

The price of tutoring has gotten quite outrageous recently. Some reports claim that SAT tutors are now fetching upwards of $700 per hour, which makes the following guy look like a bargain.

A student was having trouble in math, so his mother decided to hire a tutor. “How much are your sessions?” the mother asked.

“Sixty-five dollars an hour,” the tutor replied.

“That’s quite expensive,” the mother responded. “Is there anything else you can offer?”

“Yes,” said the tutor. “I also offer sessions for $20 an hour… but I don’t recommend them.”

And Lord knows you shouldn’t ask questions that you just don’t want the answer to.

A potential client asked a mathematical consultant, “What are your prices?”

“Four-thousand dollars for three questions,” the consultant replied.

“Four thousand! Isn’t that a bit expensive?”

“Not at all,” replied the consultant. “Now, what’s your third question?”

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