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Math Bumper Stickers


Beware the Ides of October!
Check back on October 15 for a MJ4MF World Premiere!


They don’t exist yet, but here are some I’d like to see…

Algebra teachers are x-perts.

There is a fine line between numerator and denominator.

Cheap eggs are a dime a dozen.

While doing geometry at McDonald’s, I got a plane cheeseburger.

Don’t talk… just invert and multiply. Fractions speak louder than words!

Topologists don’t marry. They tie the knot.

A penny for your thoughts… a dollar for your math homework!

Don’t get too close… I’m an asymptote.

I turn coffee into theorems.

Think outside the regular quadrilateral.

Professional mathematician. Don’t try this at home.

And Satan said, “Put the alphabet in math.”

I brake for math jokes.

Don’t discuss infinity. You’ll never hear the end of it.

Math and science are for people who don’t know how important football is.

I find your lack of math disturbing.

I do my own math stunts.

Honk if you know the thousandth digit of pi!

Calculus is an integral part of life.

I’ve counted to infinity.

It only takes one person to make a statistically insignificant difference.

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