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Math Joke for Halloween

A joke about a graveyard, a dead person, and being frightened. All good things for All Hallow’s Eve.

A man was walking through the Alexander Nevsky Monastery when he heard someone say, “x2 + 2x = (x)(x + 2).” Sure that his mind was playing tricks on him, he kept walking, but then he heard, “x2 + 2x + 1 = (x + 1)2.” He paused again, then heard, “x3 – 4x2 – 7x + 10 = (x – 1)(x + 2)(x – 5).” Concerned, he approached a cemetery worker. “Why do I keep hearing math equations?” he asked.

“Oh, that’s Leonhard Euler,” said the worker. “He’s decomposing.”

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