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10s, anyone?

After a period of unprecedented dominance, Roger Federer has now gone an entire year without reaching the finals in a Grand Slam tournament. On Thursday, he was ousted from the Australian Open in straight sets by Novak Djokovic. The tennis pundits are sounding his death knell, saying he is no longer able to compete with younger players.

What if his career really is over? He has only earned $61,237,358. How will he survive?

Rumor has it that he may enroll in a doctoral program upon retirement from tennis. He’ll study string theory, of course.

Why aren’t geometricians good at tennis?
They continually try to fold the net into a cube.

(Those last two jokes are MJ4MF originals. Not that it’s worth bragging about.)

Several years ago, Penn had an ad implying that all Penn tennis balls are identical. It stated:

Penn tennis balls.
You’ve seen one.
You’ve seen them all.

I appreciate Jim Loy’s alternative commercial, which would open with the statement: 

Penn tennis balls. 
You’ve seen n.
You’ve seen n + 1.

The ad then shows one Penn tennis ball. Therefore, by mathematical induction, you’ve seen them all.

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