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The Twelve Days of Crisp Math – Day 3

It’s December 14, the Third Day of Crisp Math, and students all over the country are hoping for inclement weather.

Teacher: We will have a test tomorrow, rain or shine.
Student: Great! It’s snowing!

I can imagine the conversations that will happen following that test…

Student: Ma’am, I don’t think I deserved a zero on this test!
Teacher: I agree, but it’s the lowest score I’m allowed to give you.

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The Twelve Days of Crisp Math – Day 2

On the Second Day of Crisp Math, we’re hoping that you don’t get ripped off like this guy during the holiday season…

The logician and his wife stayed in a hotel for one night and received a bill for $300. “Three hundred dollars!” he protested. “For what?”

“Room and board,” the hotel manager explained.

“But we didn’t eat here.”

The manager said, “We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining room. If you didn’t take advantage of it, that’s your fault.”

The logician handed the manager $100. “Here,” he said. “That’s to cover the room. I’m charging you $200 for sleeping with my wife.”

The manager said, “But I never touched your wife!”

“She was waiting for you in our room. If you didn’t take advantage of it, that’s your fault.”

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