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Rebus Redux

I recently received an email from Akram in Lebanon who saw the Rebus Quiz on the MJ4MF website and suggested the following rebus:


The answer is below, but I’ll give you two hints.

The first is that you might say the same thing to a calculus student who spent 4 hours completing an integration problem only to forget the constant.

The second hint is that Akram’s suggested rebus reminds me of this one, which you may have seen before and is very appropriate for the holidays:


The answer to this one is below, also.

But Akram’s email convinced me that it was time to create a few more, so here are five all-new rebuses (or is that rebi?) for you to enjoy.

1. Rebus 1
2. Rebus 2
3. Rebus 3
4. Rebus 4
5. Rebus 5

To put a little space between the rebuses and the answers below, here’s one more rebus from Sandy Wood:

Really, Really Bad Rebus #32

solution at Brain Games from Mental Floss

SPOILER ALERT… Answers Below

ENTURY: Long time, no C (see)


  1. A + 6 backwards = AXIS
  2. SINE + double U = SINEW
  3. ONION + PI in the middle = OPINION
  4. Dr. OZ + ONE = OZONE

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Math Rebus Puzzles

What word or phrase is represented by the following picture?

Sample Rebus PuzzleA foot in the grave.

Puzzles like this are sometimes called Pictogram Puzzles, Word Picture Puzzles, or Hieroglyphs.

Kevin Stone at BrainBashers calls them Brain Bats.

Lots of folks refer to them as Rebus Puzzles. And while I don’t think that’s exactly right (what I think of as a rebus can be found here), that’s the word I’m going to use, too, because it’s the shortest.

Whatever. Enjoy the MJ4MF Rebus Quiz. Note that each picture is somehow mathematical, even if the answer isn’t.

Download the MJ4MF Rebus Quiz (PDF)

If you’re a classroom teacher, the dread day-before-break is fast approaching. The MJ4MF Rebus Quiz is a great activity for students who have too much energy to sit still and too little focus to learn anything. (Permission is granted for the MJ4MF Rebus Quiz to be used with students for non-commercial educational purposes.)

The answer key and a copy of the exam can be found at

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