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How Cool is This?

A couple of riddles to warm you up for the pain you’re about to receive.

What starts with E, ends with E, and contains only one letter?

What goes round the world but always stays in the corner?
A stamp.

I received a solicitation from American Express today that said I could “get 50,000 Membership Rewards points” by signing up for one of their cards. That sounded like a sweet deal. But not half as sweet as the mailing address that appeared on the envelope:

Mailing Address

In case that’s too small or grainy for you, in the dashed box it reads:

Mathy Folks
XXX Xxxxxx Xxxxx
Falls Church, VA 22046-XXXX

Who knew the credit card companies had gotten so good at data mining that they know my address and my family’s intellectual dispositions?

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