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A Cryptic Reference Of Neologically Yummy Mathematics

The title Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks has two positive qualities: it has a sing-song feel because the second and fifth words rhyme, and it includes a numeral.

Regrettably, it has an unfortunate quality, too: the acronym MJ4MF ends with MF, which has a very different meaning in other contexts. (Hmm… wait a second. Is there a market for that? Perhaps Math Jokes 4 Mother F**kers will be a future project. Pre‑order your copy today!)

Math, of course, has its fair share of acronyms.

  • OOPS: Order of Operations
  • CPCTC: Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent
  • SOHCAHTOA: Sin = Opp/Hyp, Cos = Adj/Hyp, Tan = Opp/Adj
  • FOIL: First, Outer, Inner, Last
  • MATH: Mental Abuse Toward Humans

Technically, CPCTC is an initialism, not an acronym. Today I Found Out provides a nice description of the difference between the two. But to avoid overcomplicating a simple subject, I’m going to refer to both as acronyms in this post. (So, sue me.)

Another acronym that has recently come into vogue with educators is SWBAT. It’s often written on a whiteboard before a list of the day’s objectives.

  • SWBAT: Students Will Be Able To…

Some of my favorite acronyms aren’t mathematical or educational.

  • IITYWIMWYBMAD: If I Tell You What It Means, Will You Buy Me A Drink?
  • PICNIC: Problem In Chair, Not In Computer (from tech support)
  • PITA: Pain In The Ass

Texting has given rise to lots of other acronyms. Sort of. Maybe they’d be better called abbreviations. In any case, a number of them are mathematical.

  • m.02: My Two Cents
  • 10Q: Thank You
  • 4Q: F**k You
  • 14AA41: One For All, All For One
  • 303: Mom
  • 404: No Clue (from internet 404 error)
  • 4COL: For Crying Out Loud
  • AAR8: At Any Rate
  • ^5: High Five

Do you have a favorite acronym, from mathematics, texting, or elsewhere?

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