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Ratio Celebration

While flipping through the Big Book of Zany Activities from Kidsbook®, my sons came across the following challenge:

 Can you make 25 or more words from the following word?

Alex put pencil to paper immediately and beamed as he wrote the word ratio.

It made me wonder if I could find 25 or more math words within CELEBRATION. Sure enough, I could. My list of 42 words is at the bottom of this post, though admittedly, a rather liberal view of what constitutes a math word is required, and there are even a couple of proper nouns on the list. But even removing the ones that were iffy, I think I still met the requisite number. 

Speaking of ratio, you might be interested in the discussion of the No Slope… Ratio! joke. Though probably not, so here are some other ratio jokes.

A trainer at the gym was asked, “How can I calculate my body fat ratio?”
The trainer responded, “Well, if you have a body and you have fat, the ratio is 1:1. If you have two bodies, the ratio is 2:1. And so on.”

Yo momma is so fat, her ratio of circumference to diameter is 4!

Math Words Within CELEBRATION:

  1. Abel
  2. Ace
  3. Acre
  4. Arc
  5. Bar
  6. Bi
  7. Bin
  8. Bit
  9. Caliber
  10. Cantor
  11. Cent
  12. Center
  13. Coil
  14. Coin
  15. Cone
  16. Election
  17. Eon
  18. Era
  19. Lie
  20. Line
  21. Linear
  22. Loci
  23. Lone
  24. Once
  25. One
  26. Orb
  27. Orbit
  28. Net
  29. Nil
  30. Rate
  31. Real
  32. Recent
  33. Table
  34. Tail
  35. Tare
  36. Teen
  37. Ten
  38. Tic
  39. Tie
  40. Tile
  41. Tree
  42. Trice

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