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Christmas Eve Numerology

Yes, today is Christmas Eve, but more importantly, it’s December 24. That bodes well for numerologists. Compliments of today’s date, here’s a number puzzle for you.

  1. Write today’s date in the form mm/dd/yy.
  2. Remove the slashes (/) to leave a six-digit number.
  3. Add the digits of that number.
  4. Divide the six-digit number from Step 2 by the sum you obtained in Step 3.
  5. Take the square root of the result.

As your special bonus, insert the result of Step 5 where it says [number] in the URL below, then enter that URL into your browser. Enjoy! And happy holidays![number].html

More math…

The result in Step 4 isn’t all that unusual. In fact, there are 120 dates in 2012 that, when the six-digit date is divided by the sum of those six digits, the result is an integer. (If the six‑digit date starts with a leading zero, just drop it.) But the result in Step 5 happens far less frequently — there are only 5 dates in 2012 for which Step 4 yields a square number. Can you find the other four?

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