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No Respect for Mathy Folks

As we were watching my sons playing in the yard, my wife said to me, “They’re such sensitive children. Let’s wait till they’re older to tell them you’re a math guy.”

I get so little respect, I feel like Rodney Dangerfield. (“During sex, my wife always wants to talk. The other night, she called me from┬áthe hotel.”)

I’ve always heard that math folks aren’t boring. We just get excited by boring things.

Here are some one-liners that I hope you won’t find boring.

Have you heard the one about the interesting mathematician?
Nope, me neither.

How do you drive a mathematician insane?
Tie him to a chair, and force him to watch you fold a roadmap the wrong way.

What is the Golden Rule for passing actuarial exams?
Always leave yourself enough time to

How does a mathematician liven up a party?

How can you tell that a mathematician is having a mid-life crisis?
He gets a faster calculator.

What are the two rules for making sure that you know more than your students?
(1) Don’t tell them everything you know.

Where are geometers buried?
The Symmetry.

Which state has the largest population of mathy folks?

Did you hear that a new largest prime number was found?
It’s three times as big as the previous one.

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