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As Smart as Einstein

I’m smart. I mean, really smart. I may not be as smart as Jeffrey Skilling, who described himself as “f**king smart,” but I think I’m at least as smart as Albert Einstein.

Watch. I’ll prove it.

Einstein came up with the formula E = mc2. Luckily, I’ve studied algebra, geometry and graph theory, so I know that E = edges, m = slope, and c = length of hypotenuse. I can then use the following diagram to verify Einstein’s formula:

Grid With Triangle

It’s quite easy to see that the slope of the hypotenuse is 1, so plugging values into the formula gives the following:

Einstein's Formula

This result is then confirmed by counting the edges in the triangle. Q.E.D.

(By the way, qed is derived from a French word that means, “And there you have it.” It’s a great Scrabble® word, since it contains a q but no u. You should use it next time you play Words With Friends. Seriously, your opponent will be impressed.)

See? I told you I was smart.

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