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Dave is a Four-Letter Word

Q: What are these?

  • EA + EA + EA + EA + EA + …
  • EA + EA + EA + EA + EA + …
  • EA + EA + EA + EA + EA + …
  • EA + EA + EA + EA + EA + …

A: Four E A series.

I was reminded of this joke when I received a holiday card from my friend DAVE. His wife is ANNE, his daughter is LENA, and his son is AXEL. It struck me as interesting that all four names in their family (1) consist of four letters and (2) contain the letters E and A. That led me to create the following puzzle for my sons.

Can you find a name that fits each of the following patterns?

A __ __ E A __ E __ A E __ __
__ A __ E __ A E __ E A __ __
__ __ A E __ E A __ E __ A __
__ __ E A __ E __ A E __ __ A

I was able to complete 75% of the puzzle on my own, and I was able to complete 100% of it with some help from Google. No doubt — the one with AE in the third and fourth positions was the toughest. Good luck!

Incidentally, comedian Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) believes the names Dave (my friend) and Alex (my son) were for losers.

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