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Math Vacation

Not much activity at MJ4MF recently. The family was on vacation for the past 10 days, and I’m happy to report that I was able to avoid my computer for the entire trip. It was hard, though, as I am slightly addicted…

Is it better to have a wife or a mistress? Both. Your wife thinks you’re with your mistress, your mistress thinks you’re with your wife, and the whole time you can be alone with your computer.

The following is a true story from our vacation. At one of our stops, my twin sons and I entered a toilet stall that was huge. It’s typical for my sons to urinate in the same toilet at the same time, but because this particular stall was so huge, I decided to join them. (The family that sprays together stays together, right?) As we were taking care of business, Eli said, “Three people making pee-pee!”

Upon hearing this, Alex asked, “That’s hexa-pee, right, daddy?”

God love ’em.

And finally, a math joke from an activity book that Eli was doing on the plane.

Six is about to enter a party, but notices over his shoulder that Five is coming up the sidewalk. So Six holds the door open for Five and says, “After you.”

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