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Ear Among Arms

If you were to eat a starchy tuber this month, it might be said that you are consuming a May yam. And if you were to invoke the rule logb(xy) = logb x + logb y, one might say that you are using a logarithm algorithm. Both of these phrases are cool, I think, because the second word is an anagram of the first.

The following definitions describe two-word phrases in which the second word is an anagram of the first. The value in parentheses indicates the number of letters in each word.

The first four involve math terms.

  1. political policy regarding the center of mass (8)
  2. a clandestine mosquito (6)
  3. a trendy, golden ratio (3)
  4. walks around a doughnut (5)

The next two are related to school but are not necessarily mathematical. (Coincidentally, they both happen to be about assessment.)

  1. educator who supplies students with answers to standardized tests (7)
  2. high school students who are anxious about the SAT (5)

And these last few are not related to school or math. They’re just for fun. 

  1. jargon associated with website sign-on (5)
  2. saber, rapier, epee, blade, etc. (5)
  3. update from a bellhop (6)
  4. commentary of one who watched (6)
  5. dormant skill (6)
  6. when Bambi gets a new app (8)
  7. relaxed bivalve mollusk (4)
  8. committee member who checked the Presidential ballots in Florida again (7)
  9. tedium in the boudoir (7)
  10. oversized satchel (5)
  11. stalker who’s already attached (7)


  1. Centroid Doctrine
  2. Covert Vector
  3. Hip Phi
  4. Torus Tours
  5. Cheater Teacher
  6. Tense Teens
  7. Login Lingo
  8. Sword Words
  9. Porter Report
  10. Viewer Review
  11. Latent Talent
  12. Woodland Download
  13. Calm Clam
  14. Recount Counter
  15. Bedroom Boredom
  16. Super Purse
  17. Married Admirer

Bonus question: The title of this post is also an anagram. Can you decode it?

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