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Just for Fun

Just a few jokes without a theme…

Sign hanging on the IT department wall:
“Theory — you know everything, but nothing works. Practice — everything works, but nobody knows why. In our department, we merge theory with practice: nothing works, and nobody knows why.”

A doctor tells a woman, “I have some bad news. You only have six weeks left to live.”
“That’s terrible!” exclaims the woman. “Doc, what should I do?”
“Are you married?” he asks.
“Then find yourself an actuary, and marry him.”
“Will that help me live longer?” she asks.
“Well, no,” the doctor says. “But it’ll feel longer.”

How is that I can remember π to 100 digits and that the curl of the curl equals the gradient of the divergence minus the Laplacian… but I can’t remember where I park my car at the mall?

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