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Twelve questions to get the mental math joke juices flowing. Answers will be posted tomorrow.

  1. How many eggs can you put in an empty basket?
  2. How is the moon like a dollar?
  3. What coin doubles in value when half is taken away?
  4. If you can buy 8 eggs for 26 cents, how many can you buy for a penny and a quarter?
  5. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a week, but only once in a year?
  6. What goes up but never comes down?
  7. Why is it impossible for a human arm to be exactly 12 inches long?
  8. Only DEAD people can read hexadecimal. How many people can read hexadecimal?
  9. How do you make 7 even?
  10. One is the loneliest number, two’s company, and three’s a crowd. What is four and five?
  11. Why do statisticians hate to shop for clothes?
  12. The math department organizes a raffle in which the prize is announced as an infinite amount of money paid over an infinite amount of time. With the promise of such a prize, the department is able to sell lots of tickets. How could the department offer such a prize and not go broke?

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Presentation and Booksigning: Reiter’s Bookstore (DC) Pop Quiz Answers

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