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Happy National Junk Food Day!

It’s not an official holiday — but it should be! Unofficially, July 21 is National Junk Food Day, so feel free to gorge yourself on your favorite unhealthy snack today.

And lest you think I can’t find a math joke about junk food, here’s one that involves candy bars and fractions:

My wife often tells me I’m like a candy bar: half sweet and half nuts.

For your solving pleasure, here are two candy bar math equations for you today. Can you solve them?

1. 100 grand + Hersheys =
2. Hersheys + =


1. Caramello – 100 Grand has chocolate, caramel and crispies; add Hershey’s, which has just chocolate; and then remove Crunch, which has chocolate and crispies. That leaves just chocolate and caramel, which is what’s in Caramello.

2. Snickers – Mr. Goodbar has chocolate and nuts; remove Hershey’s, which is just chocolate, leaving only nuts; then add Milky Way, which has chocolate and nougat. That leaves chocolate, nuts, and nougat, the three ingredients in my favorite, Snickers.

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