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Success at NCTM Annual Meeting!

Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks sold out at the NCTM Annual Meeting! It was offered in the NCTM Bookstore, where members received a 25% discount off the cover price. Officially, the conference started on Thursday morning, but the bookstore was open on Wednesday, and all 250 copies were sold by Wednesday afternoon. Thanks to everyone who bought a book! (Members who weren’t able to get a copy at the conference can call (800) 235-7566 to order a copy from NCTM. For large orders, call Robert D. Reed publishers at (541) 347-9882 to inquire about bulk discounts.) 

I did a book signing yesterday afternoon — my first ever. It was a lot of fun! It was both exciting and intimidating to see a long line of fans waiting when I arrived, but I had a great time talking to them and sharing jokes (full story on One woman shared a joke I’d heard before:

What type of lingerie does a mermaid wear? An algae-bra!

But she had a follow-up that was new to me:

What type of lingerie does a little mermaid wear? A pre-algae-bra!

It was great to get some new material.

Thanks to everyone for your incredible support! A big thanks to anyone who shared a joke with me, and an especially huge thanks to members of the NCTM marketing department who made this all possible!

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